The Emotive Language of Emoji's

Posted on November 22, 2018 at 2:55 AM

As a fairly newcomer to Social Media I have noticed a difference of audience between those posting Emoji's and those who post text messages.

When posting a text message in reply to a post, whether it be in support or opposition to the topic, the written post can have no reaction from viewers or it can cause either division or allies between sides. Should the written post have an Emoji as a reply, I have noticed the post may end for that person without further need for discussion.

When posting a text message then attaching an Emoji, the meaning of the text message can be construed differently depending on the Emoji. This appears evident when there is a group message where members of the public can comment on a given topic. The messages that have a strong opinion on the topic will, it appear, to soften their opinion by attaching a smiley face Emoji, or what the user deems an appropriate Emoji to pacify their audience, perhaps.

This apparent attempt to portray their message as not being offensive or what it is they actually mean to say, shows the want to be accepted by the opposing poll, the need for acceptance through the use of speech. When there is offence or difference shown online, then the response to the written post may be in the form of an Emoji.

Which brings one to the topic of the meaning of the printed or spoken word, and the meaning of an Emoji or expression other than speech. Take an example where passing a religious person on the street handing out pamphlets, you give them a smile of acknowledgement and move on with the passing crowd. Should you stop and start a conversation you may be judged by your audience or the pamphlet bearer. Better to smile and not let your audience hear your train of thought at that given time.

Likewise with speech. When typing a reply to a post on Social Media you must give thought to the words you use, as the written word is taken as posted. With an Emoji there is an opportunity to comment without giving an accurate expression of your opinion or feeling behind the symbol. A smiley face is representation of acknowledgement without getting into a discussion that could become difficult within the thread. This icon shows acceptance without explanation. Emoji's also remain unbiased as they have no individualism unless you wish to use an option which denotes Color or a flag perhaps? This choice of Emoji seems not to invoke racial slurs or judgement as the image is taken as a symbol for the comment.

The Emoji, to me, then enables Free Speech as there is no country or race of origin attached to it if you choose not to. A comment can be heard through an Emoji without the need for speech. You do not need to show any individualism for which you may be judged upon that could change your written word's meaning.

One symbol, one thought chosen by an audience without a word being spoken :|

Andrea Smith


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