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Posted on November 4, 2018 at 7:15 PM

Temping - The Adaptability to Change

In my early observations as a new employee to the workforce, I likened business to be

organic in that it grows when work is plentiful and diminishes when it is slow. It was with

this observation that I noticed how the relationship between staff and business was a delicate

balance of adaptability to change. Hence my attraction to Temping, where I could assist in

business with my skills when necessary, and then up-skill through varying my roles as I saw

a demand take me in a new direction. As my experience in Temping grew, so did my

demand. I became a Professional Temporary and in the Year 2000 was presented with Temp

of the Year by Adecco Personnel, in recognition of my excellence in contribution to clients. I

continued to work in both Temporary and Permanent roles until recently, where I saw a

demand for a more Approachable, Affordable and Professional Temporary service, to be

valued by business in the growth periods they experience.

Temping has afforded me exposure to industries such as Automotive, Banking, Broadcast

Media, Chemicals and Dangerous Goods, Education, FMCG, Internet and Web Hosting, Real

Estate and Transport. Temping has also exposed me to various types of management styles,

which brings me the ability to adapt quickly to achieve business continuity when supporting

in a Sales . Office . Support role. TempDirect can be casual, corporate or personalized to suit

your business. As with all good organics, TempDirect can help your business grow.

Tenacity . Empathy . Motivation . Persistence


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