"If a Pen can change it's colour, You can change your style"

Posted on September 21, 2018 at 4:00 AM

Writing with a fountain pen was always one of my favourite memories of school. I could change the pressure on the nib to enable me to write thinner or thicker, I could change the ink to colour the mood and I could add a delicate or hard full stop at the end of a sentence to show how I felt. I was always intrigued with the power the pen gave to me. By using a particular style of writing I was able to either bring the reader in alliance with my message or create a debate. I could write in a Speedball style to give flourish to my words, or keep to a unified style of font, to keep the content flowing. The fountain pen is fluid, it relies on your hand to move it. You can change the direction of your hand to write in a left or right slant, to suit your message or audience. Pretty much like you can change your own style to reflect who it is you are giving the message to, and how you wish to either open up a conversation or end it without debate. It is with some thought that I have likened Salespeople to a fountain pen. Both rely on a style to suit their audience and both are effective through their ability to convey their message. The Salesperson's energy and the fountain pen can also be replenished. Each cartridge gives an idea on how much time was spent in relaying a train of thought. If my train of thought flowed, and I wrote non-stop to maintain the momentum of my message, then the fountain pen required refilling. However, if I stopped on occasion, whether to go back over what I had written, or just have a break to reflect, then the cartridge lasted longer, a little like a good conversation should. Sometimes when you are putting into words your thoughts to a potential customer, it is the moments that we hesitate to listen to the customer that we can change our style, to reflect the direction of the conversation. This ability to be fluid I give credit to my fountain pen. Not only did it teach me that presentation can be commanding, it also taught me the ability to change, recharge and continue from where I left off. Whether it be on the same page or a new page. Andrea 

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