You Are No More Than One

Posted on October 16, 2019 at 3:55 AM
We have one heart that gives our actions meaning That shares our passion perhaps through words Often our hearts lead by example Of what we need rather than what we want Some hearts beat with irregularity Don't take this as a weakness Perhaps the wearer is listening To others and are making the effort to listen To have an idea is to have determined that you have faith in your heart The missed beats you had in the moment that drove you towards this goal Are made up of experiences that perhaps, other people have induced Remember no matter how many initials you have on your support list You Are No More Than One The support on your list needs to know this in order for you all to succeed. When you grow and feel it is time to leave your team, we have one heart that gives actions to our meanings, I am Andrea of TempDirect, Who are you?

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