Temping - To Determine Change With Direction

Posted on June 3, 2019 at 4:15 AM
The Art of Change is a necessary skill that sets Temporary professionals apart from those working in permanent roles (though these roles are never 'given'). This acceptance of change, chosen by Temporaries, may be necessary to up-skill for a work assignment, or to enhance a personal ambition. "I tend to gravitate toward people who are a bit more eccentric and creative and artistic in some ways. "creative people together to create some great work, even to share points of view on a new direction". Mark Parker The mindset of change is learnt through experience. A little like beginning to skateboard, then going on to balance on a surfboard. Different surfaces require different approaches although require a skilled balance. Temping equips you with the tools to ride the waves of change. Personal experience has taught me that you get to find your feet no matter what surface you are given to perform on. One such example I can offer, is when working for a Media company in the early 90s, I applied for a Temporary role of CSR. My application was received, and I was contacted directly by the CEO in charge then. Rather than employing me as a Temporary, she offered me a fulltime role in the QA department. The CEOs outlook was a little different to others I had come to work with in NZ, and so was her pro-active approach to growth. Under her guidance I gained valuable insight into all the departments, studying their current levels of productivity and with the Team, suggesting where improvements for both the company, and its employees be made. During this time, there was a change in the companys CEO, and a new change of focus. The small Team in QA (who had all previously Temped) set their focus quickly on the new direction as instructed. Not long after this change, a new CEO was appointed and again, the role of QA changed. Change, Focus, Direction. In this period of growth, the direction of the sales team also changed. I was appointed the position of Direct Sales Administrator and quickly mentored the Reps through example. Door knocking, cold calling and retention. A first for me, and a new addition to my bow. This new Team were never given impossible targets, rather shown a new resilience to negative responses. Do not take criticism in business personally unless it is aimed at your shoes. Then go back in a new pair of shoes, with a couple of extra changes in your bag. No matter if you knock on a door, speak on a phone or text in a message, the surface of your chosen contact should still be fluid in the direction of your communication. I became interested in exploring communication through symbols (I had studied shorthand at school) and so I began to study Japanese calligraphy after work. This took me in my new direction and within a year I was offered a role as an ESOL teacher in Japan. I returned to NZ 18 months later with a change of career direction. I met with the CEO of my old job, and explained to him that I was to pursue work and personal experiences through Temping. He left the meeting without me but kept the door open should I return. "No pessimist ever discovered the secret of the stars, or sailed to an uncharted land, or opened a new doorway for the human spirit". Helen Keller Again I am reminded of my lessons learnt through sport. One cannot gain the competitive advantage if they remain winning in the same race. www.tempdirect.nz

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