Don't Let Work Hinder Your Overall Performance

Posted on May 13, 2019 at 5:00 AM
As a self employed person by choice, I am often guilty of allowing my work to hinder my personal performance. Whether it be writing late night blogs, or checking Social Media for updates in personal time, these habits that I have approved, have removed me from my family. This hindrance can be caused through work commitments and/or work anxiety. At times, family life and time for me is left with little energy, as the work scales are balanced upwards in favour of productivity, and tilted downwards for time spent outside of work. A little like Jack and Jill, you eventually take a tumble. Which can be a blessing as when you get back up on your feet, you can take notice of why you lost your footing. Running after constant work goals can cause you to take a path towards a slippery slope. You may gain friends and/or clients in the business community and loose touch of your family community. No work commitment should be all consuming, it is most beneficial when it is balanced with the needs of your own and your family's. Work can be a little like a work out on a treadmill. You either choose to join a gym and be part of the community, or you workout alone and get too set on reaching your own goals. Adjust the pace you are currently running at so that you can allow yourself enough energy to better your overall performance. Refrain from telling family and friends it 'is just for a short time until you reach for the brake pedal'. Time spent chasing the elusive dollar is better spent on your family. Like you, their time with you is not a given commodity. "Balance is not about time spent by you with you. Gather up the minutes you took for yourself to make the hour, and then see the moments you are missing with family". Andrea Smith, TempDirect Temporaries, keep your focus clearly on a best outcome for yourself and client. Often the temp-tation for an Agent to secure a client for a lower hourly rate than the job deserves, does not mean that the job requirements call for less skill. An astute Agent is aware of your capabilities and the client's requirements, and should place you in an assignment where you and the client have a desirable result. That way your overall performance remains at the top of the hill.

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