My Window Is A Reflection Of Your Image

Posted on April 1, 2019 at 4:35 AM
Business can attract a passing customer, or cause one to cross the road. What makes you attract attention may be in the image you reflect out to the passing masses. Having moved recently from the country side to the inner city, has caused me to look at the differences that advertising has done. In my down to earth country setting, there is a magnetic sign professing my business details. The letterbox is painted similar colours to my business colours. This advertising, in its simplicity, has gained me loyal clients in the local area. Short message, sharp return. Moving into an apartment in the city, there is no letterbox to advertise my business. The existing body corp that represents the individuals of this complex does not allow any business advertising in its behomoth block. The solution, it seems, is to spend money and place advertising in local business bulletins and other media. The image of the business then changes, as the advertising no longer evokes relative emotion, rather you appear to need to have a clever, out of the box, money generated advertising campaign adorned with selfies to reflect your image out to an audience that is removed from your core, perhaps. Wording is especially important, as little says alot and not enough leaves speculation. I have been very fortunate to be a self employed Professional Temporary. My business is in my talent for adapting to various business needs. I no longer have a letterbox outside my propety to advertise my business. Instead I must rely on the reflection my business image has in the image captured by the passing audience. The audience that moves quickly relies on a business that captures simplicity through the image they perceive to see. I am looking forward to writing articles soon, that capture the image of Temping as I have experienced it. Watch this space. My Temping experience covers over 30 years of adapting to an image. Andrea www.tempdirect.nz

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