"Future Fit" - Adapting NZ Business To Ensure The Future Of Outsourced Management

Posted on March 14, 2019 at 4:20 AM
There are many phrases that are trending in business. Some of these phases describe the beliefs of a company like Nike "Just Do It", others describe the vague mindset of an individual such as "Future Fit", a term coined by a Manager in a company that says it "clearly broadcasts what the audience understand". What is distracting is that the Manager who coined this term for the business, has nothing to do with fitness, and the discussion on its "Future Fit" seemed vague on details. A company that has its profits enjoyed by shareholders in New Zealand, enabled through content managed by years of dedicated employee experience, should know the value of having and keeping New Zealanders as employees. Many companies have outsourced their customer services to overseas businesses, however not the inner workings of the business. This is because these businesses value what made them successful. A mouse on a wheel can change direction, causing customers to become confused and frustrated with viewing content. This is turn can cause a downturn in customers and/or subscribers. All too often businesses look overseas to invest in "New Directorship". A little like a rat on a ship, New Zealander employees are often forced to jump overboard, and the introduced species of Manager brings with it it's own kind of employee. This is turn causes a loss of knowledge of what made a great company appeal - as the "New Directorship" brings with it the urge to only survive not thrive. Let us not accept that talent in New Zealand is not valued here. The value in fitting a suitably qualified New Zealander into the future of a business is fitting, not outsourcing our Management to overseas 'talent' is befitting for a business. All employees are equal, some should not more equal than others. Andrea www.tempdirect.nz

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