Signs to Signal or Words to Instruct?

Posted on March 5, 2019 at 4:25 AM
There are many forms of communication that are identifiable to all species. For the sake of this article I will call them expressions (of self preservation). Some of these expressions have a common colour or symbol perhaps, that is used across species to repel or attract attention. As human beings have evolved, so have the forms of communication in either written or symbolic form. Which form reverberates with identifying a message the most remains to be debated - a sign or a word/s, or a combination of both Identity has long been associated with attachment. The Japanese, for example, Nissan: Of all the Japanese automakers, aside from those based on their founders names, the meaning of Nissan is perhaps the simplest of them all. The kanji ni means sun, which also happens to be the first character in Nihon Japan, which is why we refer to Japan as the land of the rising sun.The second kanji san means production. A little creative contraction, and the Japanese pronunciation ni-san literally means made in Japan. The Nike brand, with its distinct V-shaped logo, quickly became regarded as a status symbol in modern urban fashion and hip-hop fashion due to its association with success in sport. The Golden Arches of McDonalds is a symbol associated with food choice. Red - Stop. Green - Go. Regardless of how this instruction is given, the attachment to the colour is understood for what it means. The order of the colours (Red at the top, amber between and green at the bottom, in New Zealand) alerts even colourblind people as the order of the lit colour determines the required action. Some lights have both colour to instruct as well as animation to back up the meaning. There is the saying when one is angry 'to seeing red'. How often have you seen a person give a verbal order as well as become flushed? Red is a prompt to stop and/or listen. Amber is a warning to proceed with caution. Green (like blue) encourages flow. Thankfully I haven't turned blue yet. A raised hand to stop, a waving hand to go. Dogs have been trained to understand different hand and/or voice commands to assist for various purposes, horses trained to voice, hand and leg aids. bulls to charge red flags. Why a species associates colour/form, sound or movement with an instruction can be inherant or learnt behaviour. Signals like smoke are associated with danger and pollution. With all the signs/signals and colours to alert us to danger and/or safety, the most alarming fact is that regardless of what form/shape or noise that pollution is broadcast to us on, we ignore the signals and/or words that ask us to stop. We are putting ourselves and other species at risk by not ceasing proven negative business activities. With our businesses, we listen to what our bottom line is telling us, to decide what action to take, whether to diminish or grow. Our businesses can only exist if we take notice and act on signs and listen to instructions. Let us treat the planet in the same way we want our businesses to flourish. Our existance is not through our businesses. Our businesses are existing due to generations of self preservation for all species that exist on it. Andrea www.tempdirect.nz

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