The Shape Of Your Office Is Not The Constraint

Posted on February 19, 2019 at 3:15 AM
As an Entreprenuer, whether you are working in a box or outside of the box, it is not the space that restrains you. Quite often it is the expectation of what to do with the size of the space you are confined to. What is a place? In the full sense of the word, a place is a space where relationships are self evident and inter- recognition is at a maximum, and where each person knows here they and others belong. (Auge, 2010: 229) Depending upon your type of business, this space may be limited by internet access (WIFI), foot and/or traffic noise, and importantly as an Entreprenuer starting out, what surrounds you in your work space. Don't fret about if you should have designer furnishings, you can make your service classy. Entreprenuers are generally thought of as people who think 'outside the box', however it is the security of a box that one can take risks in, right? Take for example, a home business set up in a home office or garage. Most start up businesses (that do not require specialist machinery) are started up in such, as they provide a base and known cost for the action of a start up business. How you accommodate your business to fit around this space is vital for the success of your endeavour. Take for example, a virtual assistant. This business is reliant on reliable internet connection, and a lack of interruption, so the location of the start up is confined to where this is provided. At home? Then do not have your office set up in the kitchen if you can avoid it. Nothing like a dishwasher beeping or other distractions to keep you from your clients deadlines. Working for yourself to fuel your passion for the benefit of others has its challenges. Next time you visit a cafe and note there is no seating available, take a look at the tables. Those who are huddled over their laptops are not doing a service for themselves or you. The cafe has lost a seat to a Flat White, and you are feeling flat that you cannot get a seat. Being an Entreprenuer does not give you the right to use another's space for your own gain. You must think bigger, outside the office you thought constrained you, and allow others to gain access to shared space. Here and Now -Look around -Find a space -Decide what is interesting about it - What makes it a speclia place - How can this be revealed through performance? Andrea www.tempdirect.nz

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