Does Your Business Fit Into Your Biomechanics

Posted on January 10, 2019 at 3:05 AM

You have a great idea. Make sure you have the right mind-fit to keep with it.

Sport has always been a way to measure success against endurance. Whether lining up at the start or approaching a hill mid race, I am mindful of the way my shoes, visor and clothes (add on's) fit, to how I can concentrate in keeping with the pace. This ability to understand how add-on's assist you to win or lose, has made me aware of the fit between physical and external aesthetics.

"Aesthetic - a principle of taste or style adopted by a particular person, group, or culture, the Bauhaus aesthetic of functional modernity"

Bio-mechanics helps to examine the relationship between biological and mechanical worlds. A little like an add-on, which maybe likened to a shoe. As with any add-on, the fit must be exact or it does not fit the purpose. Instead of being an accessory to a win, it is a distraction resulting in a loss.

"Bio-mechanics - 1. the study of the action of external and internal forces on the living body, especially on the skeletal system 2. the development of prosthesis".

Knowing what drives you to start a business venture or become an entrepreneur, can help one to get the right fit of assistance, should it be required. There are so many examples of physical success with the correct add-on's. One example is a swimmers clothing. To enable a swimmer to swim confidently their clothes must fit and be streamlined. Similarly at the beach to enjoy your time in the sun, it is advisable to put on sunscreen so that you can have a successful day out. With a runner, the type of shoe suitable for a particular surface and / or distance, is paramount to the mindset of a successful race. There should be no feeling of discomfort in the form of fit, weight, or balance that could act negatively as an add-on.

When you have your business up and running, do not add unnecessary add-on's to it, which will only weigh it down and make it clunky. Keep the fit light and comfortable so that it can keep working without the need for constant adjustments. Source and use quality fittings as it is easier to go with the flow, than have to turn back to catch up.



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