Keeping Balanced Will Help You Post

Posted on December 17, 2018 at 10:15 PM

Experience in sport can help you off the field, when you are finding the pace difficult to keep up with, and to stay on track.

As time has been my teacher, my learning continues, too. I have gained valuable insights into areas of interest, as a participant in Social Media. Similar to an athlete, one can control the energy that is put put into ones posts, however your audience may not always keep up with you. Keeping your audience on track requires their participation and your guidance, to where you want to meet up.

One sport that is beneficial in learning to get the right balance is horse riding. Where some people prefer western riding as the saddle is more comfortable and gives a deeper seat, my sisters and I were taught to horse ride using the English method. This method uses different saddles depending upon the given discipline , and the requirement to post (rise up and down to the trot) on the horses diagonal. You do not learn to post to the trot before you can balance at the walk. You advance to walk once you have got seated at the halt. You get your balance through your seat, from your horse. To do this you must have your horses attention.

When asking to change pace or direction, you prepare yourself to give a clear instruction to the horse. A well schooled horse is trained to listen to your aids. Between the two of you, you perform together to get the desired result. This way your audience and judges can keep up with your performance. You don't expect to get a good result if you cannot communicate your aids to your horse. Similarly if your horse is not listening to your aids, the results can be misinterpreted by your audience and, if you are being judged you may be marked poorly.

Horse riding taught me that by keeping your balance when posting, the journey is more comfortable for you and your audience, and you can advance to compete at higher levels, should this be your aim

When shaing space on the various blogging platforms available, we must give credit to having a good seat to keep one instep with their audience. Give praise to your audience as without them, one cannot post.



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