Four Doors - In, Out, Both Ways and/or Revolving.

Posted on November 19, 2018 at 3:50 PM

As a new employee, the door into a company may afford other options when first starting out in work. Whether self employed or you choose to work for an existing business, the order of the ways we experience these doors may be in the above order. How one manages to negotiate these doors may be learnt through hindsight, regardless of age.

The In Door is often the first contact you have with a company. You may be greeted by a receptionist, or an automated sign in. Either of these options generate an individual recording of you. The receptionist asks for your name and reason for visit and then alerts the according person to your arrival, or the automated machine will prompt you to enter your name and reason for visit, and alert the person upon your arrival. Either way, your first impression is being recorded. No matter how many times you use the In Door, treat each entrance with the same exuberance as if it were the first.

The Out Door is often the last contact you have with a company. You may be farewelled by security, staff or an automated sign off. When you use the Exit Door leave it like you want to come back in. This acknowledgement of using the In Door and the Out Door as if the two were associated is recognition that the correct respect of these doors can lead to an opening of the Both Ways Door.

The Both Ways Door is often the Door that many employees want access to however, through indifference use of the first two Doors, entry may be difficult or denied. This Door can give you access to the building regardless of your location on site. This is because your first impression through the In Door remained constant, with the last impression that was recorded at the Out Door. When you have used both the In Door and the Exit Door with this realisation then the Revolving Door will be presented to you.

The Revolving Door is to me, the most impressionable Door of all. When you are able to access a company using this Door, it is a respect earnt from both sides. As a company, your duty was to gather data about this prospective employee, and it was the prospective employees duty to provide the company with accurate, measurable data. Make each exit through the Out Door count so that the In Door is always welcoming to you and those that you work with. This will enable the Revolving Door to make itself appear.

As a Professional Temporary the Revolving Door is the Door that I work towards having access to.

Andrea Smith   



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