Hook . Line . and Sinker

Posted on October 8, 2018 at 2:10 PM

Recently I have had the pleasure of accompanying my children to the local boat wharf. Not just to admire the view and apply sunscreen, but also to enjoy the past time (pastime, time well spent) of fishing.

I wouldn't describe fishing as a past time, as it is in the present that my children and I are participating in. The first time we visited the wharf, the tide was turning to go out. There was no wind, the conditions we were told were 'perfect' for fishing. There was a Grandfather with his grandson, and they too, were pitting their time against the tide. My son hadn't cast before, and so I put some frozen pilchard on his line, and in amateur fashion, showed him how to cast. The first time he cast was perfect, and straight away he caught a King fish. Wow.

I was told by the Grandparent that 'some people come here for years and don't get that sort of catch'. However, with our little hook the big Kingi wiggled free on the rocks and swam off. Not to dampen our enthusiasm we continued to put bait on the hook and fished for the next few hours, feeding the circling fish but not catching any on the hook. During the course of our stay, we had struck up a banter with the Grandfather and in exchange for our company, we were given a freshly caught Kawhai, which he filleted for us and we enjoyed that evening.

The next day, my son and I visited the wharf again to fish from. This time, the tide was out, and only rocks splashed about in the ocean. Not deterred, we baited our hooks and cast out. Our bait continued to get eaten and the small fish and the ones that got away that 'could have sunk the Titanic' continued to allude our catch. Although they liked our bait.

In the time we were on the wharf, we struck up conversations with other visitors. Plenty of advice was given to us regarding the ideal time to fish and that we would not get a bite, but best of luck. Although we didn't catch a fish, our hope did not wane. Each new cast had the possibility of a bite regardless if we reeled in a fish or not. What we did believe is that the fish that took our bait and swam off today could return tomorrow for another try and perhaps like our hook.

And so my son learnt from this experience what I had set out to show him. That although the tide is not always going your way with fishing, it is the effort you put in when others are not doing theirs that may count in the future. You may be the only one fishing when the conditions don't appear right, and as the wharf isn't crowded, you get more room to cast out your line. It is with this experience that I believe self belief and dogged stubbornness helps achieve results in what could be considered 'not ideal conditions' - go out, cast against the odds and let your hook go with the flow. Eventually you will get a bite.


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