Abolish Cruelty to All Species To Promote Kindness

Posted on March 18, 2019 at 4:50 AM
I have published this article to hopefully change the mindset of senseless killings, which took place against our own kind, in New Zealand on Friday 15th March 2019. Until there is a united understanding that all cruelty and suffering is intolerable, then it will perhaps continue. If humans can be cruel to some species, then some reason why not to their own? Mohammed taught " A good deed done to a beast is as good as doing good to a human being; while an act of cruelty to a beast is as bad as an act of cruelty to a human being." There are many examples of cruelty and killings to other animals that are deemed acceptable. Whether it be trapping animals that are considered pests, poisoning, baiting, hunting of another species or entrapping an animal for entertainment, how can the limited human pysche divide these actions against their own? To support the unnecessary hunting of another species (often cloaked by making the hunting to rid the world of a 'pest'), makes it possible for some people to give permisson to themselves and others, to believe that the intolerance of another's existance is quite justified. Not many human's need to hunt to survive. It would appear that domesticated human's justify unnecessary killings. "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." Mahatma Gandhi When we lie in the jaws of a predator, we only do so because we have ourselves have given over to the belief that we took a risk and in doing so, accepted the outcome may be injury or death. To alter the mind we must alter the actions, we must start with asking 'what is acceptable violence and suffering', and be united in the answer is 'none'. "The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong". Mahatma Gandhi We all carry a weapon, the choice is which do you permit - kindness or cruelty?

Signs to Signal or Words to Instruct?

Posted on March 5, 2019 at 4:25 AM
There are many forms of communication that are identifiable to all species. For the sake of this article I will call them expressions (of self preservation). Some of these expressions have a common colour or symbol perhaps, that is used across species to repel or attract attention. As human beings have evolved, so have the forms of communication in either written or symbolic form. Which form reverberates with identifying a message the most remains to be debated - a sign or a word/s, or a combination of both Identity has long been associated with attachment. The Japanese, for example, Nissan: Of all the Japanese automakers, aside from those based on their founders names, the meaning of Nissan is perhaps the simplest of them all. The kanji ni means sun, which also happens to be the first character in Nihon Japan, which is why we refer to Japan as the land of the rising sun.The second kanji san means production. A little creative contraction, and the Japanese pronunciation ni-san literally means made in Japan. The Nike brand, with its distinct V-shaped logo, quickly became regarded as a status symbol in modern urban fashion and hip-hop fashion due to its association with success in sport. The Golden Arches of McDonalds is a symbol associated with food choice. Red - Stop. Green - Go. Regardless of how this instruction is given, the attachment to the colour is understood for what it means. The order of the colours (Red at the top, amber between and green at the bottom, in New Zealand) alerts even colourblind people as the order of the lit colour determines the required action. Some lights have both colour to instruct as well as animation to back up the meaning. There is the saying when one is angry 'to seeing red'. How often have you seen a person give a verbal order as well as become flushed? Red is a prompt to stop and/or listen. Amber is a warning to proceed with caution. Green (like blue) encourages flow. Thankfully I haven't turned blue yet. A raised hand to stop, a waving hand to go. Dogs have been trained to understand different hand and/or voice commands to assist for various purposes, horses trained to voice, hand and leg aids. bulls to charge red flags. Why a species associates colour/form, sound or movement with an instruction can be inherant or learnt behaviour. Signals like smoke are associated with danger and pollution. With all the signs/signals and colours to alert us to danger and/or safety, the most alarming fact is that regardless of what form/shape or noise that pollution is broadcast to us on, we ignore the signals and/or words that ask us to stop. We are putting ourselves and other species at risk by not ceasing proven negative business activities. With our businesses, we listen to what our bottom line is telling us, to decide what action to take, whether to diminish or grow. Our businesses can only exist if we take notice and act on signs and listen to instructions. Let us treat the planet in the same way we want our businesses to flourish. Our existance is not through our businesses. Our businesses are existing due to generations of self preservation for all species that exist on it. Andrea www.tempdirect.nz

A Successful Failure Takes Practice

Posted on January 29, 2019 at 11:30 PM
I used to believe to give something your best was only able once, when you give it your first shot. To do your best and not succeed so, would ensure failure. However since my first failure (from childhood through to the future), I have come to learn that each shot at success is different from the first, and sometimes due to experience, better. "I knew that if I failed I wouldn't regret that, but I knew the one thing I might regret is not trying"Jeff Bezos, Amazon Founder and CEO No matter when you start a venture, striking the right time is often difficult. Should you have school aged children, going into business at the start of the school holidays is challenging. Perhaps not ideal. Having a partner who is already committed to long hours and working away from home is a habit both of you had become accustomed to, and proves hard to break. As you have stopped working for an employer, your time is now split between the expectancy of being available to do holiday care etc. What you thought would be an ideal situation becomes a challenging act of spending time devoted to the two causes you started. Personally, I learnt that starting a business at the start of the school holidays is a little like running uphill into a head wind. You hope that you can adjust your pace to get to the top, however as the head wind gets stronger, your strength to pull you up gets shorter. Having the ability to bounce back and say 'next week circumstances will change' is a vital practice for success for my business. I could not foresee the changes that were going to take place when I stepped back from being employed, to being my employee. Success is a learning curve. You can give it your best shot multiple times, as long as each time is learning from the first. Let the wind turn and drive you from behind when going uphill, that way you will reach your destination with the energy to complete the distance. "You don't learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing and falling over." Richard Branson, Virgin Group Founder Andrea TempDirect

Does Your Business Fit Into Your Biomechanics

Posted on January 10, 2019 at 3:05 AM

You have a great idea. Make sure you have the right mind-fit to keep with it.

Sport has always been a way to measure success against endurance. Whether lining up at the start or approaching a hill mid race, I am mindful of the way my shoes, visor and clothes (add on's) fit, to how I can concentrate in keeping with the pace. This ability to understand how add-on's assist you to win or lose, has made me aware of the fit between physical and external aesthetics.

"Aesthetic - a principle of taste or style adopted by a particular person, group, or culture, the Bauhaus aesthetic of functional modernity"

Bio-mechanics helps to examine the relationship between biological and mechanical worlds. A little like an add-on, which maybe likened to a shoe. As with any add-on, the fit must be exact or it does not fit the purpose. Instead of being an accessory to a win, it is a distraction resulting in a loss.

"Bio-mechanics - 1. the study of the action of external and internal forces on the living body, especially on the skeletal system 2. the development of prosthesis".

Knowing what drives you to start a business venture or become an entrepreneur, can help one to get the right fit of assistance, should it be required. There are so many examples of physical success with the correct add-on's. One example is a swimmers clothing. To enable a swimmer to swim confidently their clothes must fit and be streamlined. Similarly at the beach to enjoy your time in the sun, it is advisable to put on sunscreen so that you can have a successful day out. With a runner, the type of shoe suitable for a particular surface and / or distance, is paramount to the mindset of a successful race. There should be no feeling of discomfort in the form of fit, weight, or balance that could act negatively as an add-on.

When you have your business up and running, do not add unnecessary add-on's to it, which will only weigh it down and make it clunky. Keep the fit light and comfortable so that it can keep working without the need for constant adjustments. Source and use quality fittings as it is easier to go with the flow, than have to turn back to catch up.



To Have Freedom of Choice Is Dependent Upon Circumstance?

Posted on December 12, 2018 at 3:10 AM

Freedom - 'the condition or right of being able or allowed to do, say, think, etc. whatever you want to, without being controlled or limited'.

Choice - ' an act of choosing between two or more possibilities'.

Circumstance - 'a fact or event that makes a situation the way it is'.

Choices are not a given that one is born with. Choice's may be determined by your Circumstances.

Should you be born in an area remote to the world's resources, you are dependent upon the Choices of those made around you. These Choices may include access to medicine, housing, internet, education, transport, and influences. It is the Freedom to access these benefits that brings about Choice. A companies limitations on Freedom may limit you on the access you have to these Choices.

Should you be born in an area that has ready access to the riches of the world's resources, then your Choices are not limited by Circumstance. You have the Freedom to access medicine, housing, internet, education, transport and influences.

Use your Freedom of Choice. Next time you open your wardrobe, look at how you have chosen your clothes, shoes, and ties. Those with limited access to Freedom, Choice and Circumstance are waiting on you to show your support.

Freedom Comes About Through A Choice of a Given Circumstance/s.

Use Your Choices to Enable Freedom to Change Circumstances.

Go and examine your wardrobe - you have the freedom to make change.



Don't Let A No Exit Road Limit Your Journey

Posted on November 28, 2018 at 3:15 AM

For the past 16 years I have lived down a No Exit rural road.

Prior to this I lived on a suburban main road. There were 4 roads that criss crossed its path, meaning access was made possible dependant on the direction one approached it and the view differed depending which direction one travelled when they reached our home. As the letterboxes were close together you would look for a feature that stood out to gauge your distance to our home. As children, my sisters and I were competitive horse riders and athletes, our parents our supporters.

I discovered from an early age that running was my inherited passion. My grandfather had earned the title of Fastest Boy in Fiji and I had acquired his remarkable aptitude. He was able to show me through demonstrations the correct technique for running, and also share his experiences in athletics through storytelling. One story he imparted to me still stands true today. Each time you look over your shoulder to see where your competitors are, you get put off stride. Don't waste energy looking back, instead be satisfied with your progress looking forward towards the end, and know how many steps you need to reach the finish line. Look for variation on the route - where there is a hill, it is an opportunity to overtake another competitor who cannot sustain their stride. Train a longer distance everyday than required for the competition. It is better to be stronger than meet at the same level. Don't look at each day's training as being repetitive, instead look at each day's training as sustaining your fitness.

Never once have I stepped outside my No Exit property and thought I have been running the same direction for 16 years. No two days are the same and the focus of each run differs to how I ran the previous day.

If you have a passion and a knowledge for what you do, then you know, where there is a headwind, when you turn around it will drive you home. And that is the advantage of starting off in one direction only with a will to remain on track.

Andrea Smith


The Emotive Language of Emoji's

Posted on November 22, 2018 at 2:55 AM

As a fairly newcomer to Social Media I have noticed a difference of audience between those posting Emoji's and those who post text messages.

When posting a text message in reply to a post, whether it be in support or opposition to the topic, the written post can have no reaction from viewers or it can cause either division or allies between sides. Should the written post have an Emoji as a reply, I have noticed the post may end for that person without further need for discussion.

When posting a text message then attaching an Emoji, the meaning of the text message can be construed differently depending on the Emoji. This appears evident when there is a group message where members of the public can comment on a given topic. The messages that have a strong opinion on the topic will, it appear, to soften their opinion by attaching a smiley face Emoji, or what the user deems an appropriate Emoji to pacify their audience, perhaps.

This apparent attempt to portray their message as not being offensive or what it is they actually mean to say, shows the want to be accepted by the opposing poll, the need for acceptance through the use of speech. When there is offence or difference shown online, then the response to the written post may be in the form of an Emoji.

Which brings one to the topic of the meaning of the printed or spoken word, and the meaning of an Emoji or expression other than speech. Take an example where passing a religious person on the street handing out pamphlets, you give them a smile of acknowledgement and move on with the passing crowd. Should you stop and start a conversation you may be judged by your audience or the pamphlet bearer. Better to smile and not let your audience hear your train of thought at that given time.

Likewise with speech. When typing a reply to a post on Social Media you must give thought to the words you use, as the written word is taken as posted. With an Emoji there is an opportunity to comment without giving an accurate expression of your opinion or feeling behind the symbol. A smiley face is representation of acknowledgement without getting into a discussion that could become difficult within the thread. This icon shows acceptance without explanation. Emoji's also remain unbiased as they have no individualism unless you wish to use an option which denotes Color or a flag perhaps? This choice of Emoji seems not to invoke racial slurs or judgement as the image is taken as a symbol for the comment.

The Emoji, to me, then enables Free Speech as there is no country or race of origin attached to it if you choose not to. A comment can be heard through an Emoji without the need for speech. You do not need to show any individualism for which you may be judged upon that could change your written word's meaning.

One symbol, one thought chosen by an audience without a word being spoken :|

Andrea Smith


Knowing Me Knowing You

Posted on November 4, 2018 at 7:15 PM

Temping - The Adaptability to Change

In my early observations as a new employee to the workforce, I likened business to be

organic in that it grows when work is plentiful and diminishes when it is slow. It was with

this observation that I noticed how the relationship between staff and business was a delicate

balance of adaptability to change. Hence my attraction to Temping, where I could assist in

business with my skills when necessary, and then up-skill through varying my roles as I saw

a demand take me in a new direction. As my experience in Temping grew, so did my

demand. I became a Professional Temporary and in the Year 2000 was presented with Temp

of the Year by Adecco Personnel, in recognition of my excellence in contribution to clients. I

continued to work in both Temporary and Permanent roles until recently, where I saw a

demand for a more Approachable, Affordable and Professional Temporary service, to be

valued by business in the growth periods they experience.

Temping has afforded me exposure to industries such as Automotive, Banking, Broadcast

Media, Chemicals and Dangerous Goods, Education, FMCG, Internet and Web Hosting, Real

Estate and Transport. Temping has also exposed me to various types of management styles,

which brings me the ability to adapt quickly to achieve business continuity when supporting

in a Sales . Office . Support role. TempDirect can be casual, corporate or personalized to suit

your business. As with all good organics, TempDirect can help your business grow.

Tenacity . Empathy . Motivation . Persistence


Hook . Line . and Sinker

Posted on October 8, 2018 at 2:10 PM

Recently I have had the pleasure of accompanying my children to the local boat wharf. Not just to admire the view and apply sunscreen, but also to enjoy the past time (pastime, time well spent) of fishing.

I wouldn't describe fishing as a past time, as it is in the present that my children and I are participating in. The first time we visited the wharf, the tide was turning to go out. There was no wind, the conditions we were told were 'perfect' for fishing. There was a Grandfather with his grandson, and they too, were pitting their time against the tide. My son hadn't cast before, and so I put some frozen pilchard on his line, and in amateur fashion, showed him how to cast. The first time he cast was perfect, and straight away he caught a King fish. Wow.

I was told by the Grandparent that 'some people come here for years and don't get that sort of catch'. However, with our little hook the big Kingi wiggled free on the rocks and swam off. Not to dampen our enthusiasm we continued to put bait on the hook and fished for the next few hours, feeding the circling fish but not catching any on the hook. During the course of our stay, we had struck up a banter with the Grandfather and in exchange for our company, we were given a freshly caught Kawhai, which he filleted for us and we enjoyed that evening.

The next day, my son and I visited the wharf again to fish from. This time, the tide was out, and only rocks splashed about in the ocean. Not deterred, we baited our hooks and cast out. Our bait continued to get eaten and the small fish and the ones that got away that 'could have sunk the Titanic' continued to allude our catch. Although they liked our bait.

In the time we were on the wharf, we struck up conversations with other visitors. Plenty of advice was given to us regarding the ideal time to fish and that we would not get a bite, but best of luck. Although we didn't catch a fish, our hope did not wane. Each new cast had the possibility of a bite regardless if we reeled in a fish or not. What we did believe is that the fish that took our bait and swam off today could return tomorrow for another try and perhaps like our hook.

And so my son learnt from this experience what I had set out to show him. That although the tide is not always going your way with fishing, it is the effort you put in when others are not doing theirs that may count in the future. You may be the only one fishing when the conditions don't appear right, and as the wharf isn't crowded, you get more room to cast out your line. It is with this experience that I believe self belief and dogged stubbornness helps achieve results in what could be considered 'not ideal conditions' - go out, cast against the odds and let your hook go with the flow. Eventually you will get a bite.