About TempDirect

TempDirect is your go-to Temporary professional, to fill in for Staff absences, covering for holidays, sickness, or you needing a break.

Casual, short or long term assignments.

Whether it be in the office or offsite, let TempDirect assist.

Using the *Flexitime option gives you the ability to cover the hours as required.

Got a question? Use the [email protected] link, I will get an answer to you.

Industry Experience in:

  • Automotive
  • Banking
  • Broadcast Media
  • Chemicals and Dangerous Goods
  • Education
  • Equine
  • FMCG
  • Internet & Web Hosting
  • Real Estate
  • Transport

When people ask me What do you Do?

I often talk to them about my CV

However, to learn more than my work history

I have listed below a few facts about me

Born in New Zealand

Auckland, Franklin Resident

Jogger (used to Run)

Horse Rider (more past tense than current)

Enjoys reading (The Herald, Frankie, what is on offer in the Waiting Rooms)

LOVES my family

Owner and Carer of Stray Animals

Thinks without being a Philosopher

Believes Today is an opportunity to make Tomorrow better

Possesses a sense of humour, at times when there isn't a joke

Has considered going Vegetarian and this is still under consideration

Likes classic vehicles and can drive manual cars

Happy to multi-task as long as I am not cooking

Drinks light wine and still doesn't enjoy it

Was going to Dominate the World but another beat me to it

Is always up to a challenge just as long it does not involve climbing ladders

Didn't wear sunscreen as a child and is now a good example of why I should have

Likes to have my hair coloured by a professional as past experience has taught me it is cheaper in the long run

Can check the spelling of words without using Spellcheck

Enjoys the outdoors rain, hail and / or shine

Learnt Pitmans 2000 and New Era shorthand in Form 6 (Year 12)

Likes caligraphy and creative drawing

Loves to write articles that resonate with my interests and hopefully the readers

You are welcome to contribute to this site with relevant issues about your temping experiences on the Blog page.

There are headings that you can select for the topic you wish to contribute to.

I look forward to meeting you there.